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Multi-stage low speed centrifugal blower

Multi-stage low speed centrifugal blower is mainly composed of a blower unit (impeller, main shaft, shaft sleeve, seal, balancing disc, volute, diaphragm and bearing seat etc.), coupling, electric instruments and diving equipment etc.
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Product Features

1.Highly efficient volute, using the free motion speed method to design an efficient and low cost square welded volute with outer diameter asymmetry. Numerical simulation analysis, optimization and improvements are carried out by adopting hydrodynamics software to improve the velocity distribution of the flow inside the volute, and reduce flow loss inside the volute, so that the overall efficiency is improved (highest by nearly 2%);

2.Split bearing seat, bearing seat and housing separate design, avoid housing temperature and vibration transfer to the bearing, extend the service life. Bearing set temperature and vibration measurement elements, real-time monitoring of bearing running state;

3.After making dynamic and lubrication analysis, additionally with strict dynamic balance, the rotor has small vibration characteristics with excellent safety and high reliability. 

4.Low-noise technology, the pneumatic noise reduction mechanism, prediction and control are jointly researched by hydro acoustics laboratory of Tsinghua University and our company, to ensure smooth flow, low noise and wide operating range.

5.Horizontal split structure, easy to install and maintain, service life of volute is more than 30 years.

Performance Range

This product is jointly developed by our company with German technology and Xi 'An Jiaotong University, the products can completely meet the market demands. The multi-stage low speed centrifugal blower can be divided into 7 series, with the applicable flow range of 15~700m³/min, and pressure ratio range of 1.3~2.5.

Product Application

1.Chemical industry: Vacuum machine for alkali making device, blowers for delivering compressed gas to combustion or reaction unit, blower for various process, etc.

2.Metallurgy industry: Blowers for delivering compressed gas to combustion unit.

3.Power industry: Circulating fluidized bed boiler high-pressure fluidization blowers, etc.

4.Others: Flue gas desulfurization and denitrification oxidation blowers, industrial and municipal sewage treatment aeration blowers, paper industry gas compression blowers, blowers for drying devices, blowers for biological process treatment such as fermentation and enzyme production in pharmaceutical and food industries, etc.

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