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Multi-stage High-speed Centrifugal Blower

Structural type: The blower is a multi-stage, single-inlet, double-support structure, driven by a motor, the gearbox is speed increased, the fan and motor are separately connected to the gear shaft through two diaphragm couplings, and the impeller is interference fitted with the main shaft.
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Product features

1.Stable operation, can adapt to harsh working conditions.

2.The shell adopts the form of horizontal center, convenient disassembly.

3.Fan bearing adopts sliding bearing, long service life.

4.The use of advanced centrifugal compressor three-way flow design technology, the unit efficiency is high, wide adjustment range.

Performance range

This product is jointly developed by our company with German technology and Xi 'An Jiaotong University, the products can completely meet the market demands. The multi-stage high speed centrifugal blower can be divided into 6 series, with the applicable flow range of 350~1500m³/min, and pressure ratio range of 2~3.5.

Main application areas

1.Chemical industry: vacuum machine for alkali filter vacuum device, blower for conveying compressed gas to combustion or reaction device, chemical raw material device such as phthalic anhydride and maleic anhydride, sulfuric acid device, blower for each process process, etc.

2.Metallurgical industry: coke oven gas blowers, blowers for conveying compressed gas to combustion devices, etc.

3.other fields: flue gas desulfurization and denitrification oxidation fans, industrial and municipal sewage treatment aeration blowers, paper industry vacuum system blowers, drying equipment blowers, pharmaceutical and food industry enzyme production and other biological process processing blowers.

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