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Nuclear –grade Fans

There are two main nuclear grade fans designed and manufactured by our company namely civil nuclear power plant fans and military nuclear industry fans. The civil nuclear power plant fans include ETY(CAM) fans, AP1000 reactor top cooling fans, circulating cooling fans, volute-free fans, ventilation system fans, process system fans, etc. The military nuclear industry fans include isotope safety grade fans, MOX fuel assembly safety grade fans, etc. However, customized products can be provided according to different needs of customers.
The nuclear grade fan consists of a fan unit (casing, impeller, air inlet, transmission part, seal, etc.), coupling (belt and pulley), temperature and vibration sensor, automatic lubrication device, actuator, motor and etc.
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Product Features

1. It adopts the high-efficient model series. The fan has wide stable operating conditions and high efficient.

2.Thermal ageing tests and irradiation tests are carried out for all metal components. The design life span of the complete machine can be up to 60 years.

3. Self-lubrication is available. No maintenance is required for 24 months.

4.With the integrated seismic design, the maximum acceleration can reach up to 10g.

5. Fan is of full sealed structure, which brings about zero leakage of the transport medium.

6.Non-stainless steel surfaces are painted following the nuclear grade coating requirement, which is radiation resistant, ageing resistant and corrosion resistant.


Main Application

1.Nuclear Power Plant HVAC System Ventilation System.

2. Nuclear Power Plant ETY.

3. CRDM Cooling System.

4. Containment Circulating Cooling System.

5.Military nuclear industry safety grade fans, etc.

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