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Single-stage High Speed Centrifugal Blower

The single-stage high speed centrifugal blower is mainly composed of a blower unit (volute, impeller, seal, inlet vane adjusting system, diffuser-adjusting system etc.), gearbox, motor, coupling, lubrication station, and etc. It also comprises auxiliary systems such as inlet filter and silencer, inlet soft joint, outlet expansion joint, outlet silencer, outlet electric valve, check valve, vent silencer, vent electric valve, local control cabinet, pipe, electric instruments etc.
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Product Features

1.Under constant speed operation, adopting IGV+DV double vanes control, the flow rate is adjustable with the range of 40%~100% to ensure that the equipment can work with high efficiency.

2.With the high-efficient 3D flow semi-open impeller, professional pneumatic and structural design, the highest efficiency of the impeller can reach up to 95%.

3.Smooth operation, no pressure pulse and low noise.

4.Integrated design, compact structure and occupying small space, easy to replace with the old and low efficient fans.

5.Uses oil and gas double seal design to ensure oil-free conveying of air.

6.High quality bearing structure with long life can reduce the maintenance frequency and cut down the operation cost.

7.The instruments and control system are standard customized for the easy operation.


Performance Range

The product is fully equipped with foreign technology, and with the help of joint development by foreign experts, the products can meet the market demands of different clients. The products can be divided into 8 series, with the applicable flow range of 3000~130000m³/hr, and pressure range of 50~200KPa.


Main Application

1.Chemical industry: Sulfur recovery blowers, blowers for conveying compressed gas to a combustion or reaction unit, blowers for various process, etc.

2.Metallurgy industry: Blowers for delivering compressed gas to combustion unit, oven gas blowers, etc..

3.Others: Flue gas desulfurization and denitrification oxidation blowers, industrial and municipal sewage treatment aeration blowers, drying device blowers, boilers for biological process treatment such as fermentation and enzyme production in medicine and food industries, etc.

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