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Single-stage gear booster steam compressor

The steam compressor(high temperature rise) mainly includes compressor body, coupling, gearbox, lubrication system, motor, electric instrument and anti-surge control system. It is of compact structure and convenient for maintenance.
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 Product Features

1、With the high-efficient 3D flow semi-open impeller, the professional aerodynamic and structural design, the impeller profile is advanced and the blower has a wide range of stable operating condition. The highest polytropic  efficiency of the main machine can reach up to 88%.

2、With the adoption of a vaneless diffuser, it has a wide operating range.

3、The gearbox and compressor are integrated and designed in a compact structure.

4、The product is an integral skid-mounted package, consisting of compressor, gear box and motor, 

which is easy for transportation and installation.

5、High degree of automation, good reliability, high efficiency and energy saving, easy operation.


Performance Range

The complete set of pneumatic technology for this product is imported from foreign mature stage model and design software so that we can provide clients with fast and optimal model selection. The products can be divided into 18 series, with applicable flow rate of 1-240 t/h and temperature rise of 8-24℃.


Main Application

1.Energy conservation and environmental protection industry: Industrial sewage treatment, waste water recycling, landfill leachate treatment, advanced treatment of coal mine wastewater, separation of sodium and potassium from leaching solution of municipal waste incineration fly ash, and Caprolactam wastewater treatment, etc.

2.Food fermentation industry: Used in concentration and extraction of amino acids, concentration and drying of sugar and concentration of beverage and jam.

3.Pharmacy industry: Evaporation, concentration, crystallization and drying in the production process of Chinese and western medicine.

4.Chemical industry: Used in concentration and crystallization of organic material, purification of spice and production of chemical materials.

5.Metallurgy industry: Sintering desulfurization wastewater treatment, coking wastewater treatment, etc. 

6.Electric Power Industry: Treatment of desulfurized wastewater from power stations, etc.

7.New energy industry:Lithium battery, polysilicon, etc.

8.Other fields: Lithium extraction from salt lakes, low temperature steam waste heat recovery, pipeline boosting, etc.

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