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Multi-stage Gear Booster Steam Compressor

The DHM DiHong multi-stage steam compressor is mainly composed of a host, lubrication system, motor, coupling, electrical instruments and anti-surge system, with a compact structure and easy maintenance.
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Product Features

Adopting high-efficiency ternary flow semi-open impeller, professional inter-stage pneumatic matching, the whole machine has a wide range of stable working conditions, and the highest polytropic efficiency of the host can reach 88%.

Adopting IGV+circulation line adjustment to meet the user's demand for multiple working conditions, the machine has a wide operating range and high efficiency.

The overall skid-mounted design, multi-rotor and speed booster box overall integrated design, compact structure.

The temperature rise of steam can reach 105 ℃.

Performance Range

The pneumatic technology for this product is fully imported from foreign mature stage model and design software, providing users with the fastest and most optimized model. The product is divided into 10 series, with a suitable flow range of 1-120 t/h and a temperature rise of 25-105 ℃.

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