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Oil-film high-speed direct drive steam compressor

Oil-film high-speed direct drive steam compressor is a kind of turbine equipment using high efficiency permanent magnet motor. Its main structure is that the impeller is directly installed at the shaft extension end of the motor, and the rotor is directly supported by oil film bearing, to realize direct drive by high-speed motor, without speed increasing box and coupling.
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Product Features

1.The gear speed increasing device is omitted, and the efficiency of the whole machine is improved by 8%-10%.

2.The structure is more compact, and the occupied area is 1/2 of that of the gear speed-increasing unit.

3.Flexible shafting design, wider range of applicable parameters.

4.NVH is specially designed to make noise and vibration reach extremely low level.

5.The load of the whole machine is 50% of the gear speed increase, which is required by civil engineering and has low cost.

Performance Range

Oil-film high-speed direct drive steam compressor is suitable for flow range of 2.5-16t/h, temperature rise of 8-20℃ and maximum power of 500kW.

Main Application

1.Energy conservation and environmental protection industry: Industrial sewage treatment, waste water recycling, landfill leachate treatment, Caprolactam wastewater treatment, papermaking black liquor treatment, etc.

2.Food fermentation industry: Concentration and extraction of amino acids, concentration and drying of sugar and concentration of beverage and jam, etc.

3.Pharmacy industry: Evaporation, concentration, crystallization and desiccation in the technological process of manufacturing Chinese and western drugs, etc.

4.Chemical industry: Concentrated crystallization of organic matter, purification of spices, production of chemical raw materials, etc.

5.Metallurgy industry: Wastewater treatment by sintering desulfurization, coking wastewater treatment, etc.

6.Other fields: Bioengineering, salt lake lithium extraction, seawater desalination, low temperature steam waste heat recovery, pipeline boosting, etc.

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