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F-type Centrifugal fan

Structure type: double support, the transmission structure of connecting the main shaft of the fan and the motor with a coupling, the two supporting bearings are installed on both sides of the housing, the impeller is in the middle of the two supporting bearings, the coupling is installed on the outside of a bearing seat, the fan speed is the same as the motor speed.
Advantages: Mechanical efficiency is higher than E transmission, reliable and stable. Compared with the D-type transmission, the radial load of the bearing is small, and the fan runs more smoothly.
Disadvantages: High precision required for installation and maintenance.
Main application: Suitable for double suction or large single suction centrifugal fan, the application is more common.
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1.With the advanced model series, and with the optimization of the impeller and other flow channel by CFD technology, the fan is of high efficiency, low noise and wide high efficiency range.

2.CAE tools are applied for the verification of strength and stiffness to ensure the smooth, safe and reliable functioning of the fan.

3.By optimization, the fan structure is reasonable and easy to install and maintain.

4.By adopting various materials, and applying different technologies, we can provide fans used for many working conditions such as wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and tight seal.


Performance Range

Using German technology, combined with the research results of famous universities such as Xi’an Jiaotong University, Tsinghua University and so on, the product performance can cover all market needs. The products have more than 30 series, more than 800 models and more than 2800 specifications. The applicable flow rate range is 200~200000 m³/h, and the pressure range is 550~30000Pa. The diameter of the impeller is 300-5000 mm, and the weight of the fan unit ranges from several tens of kilograms to several tens of tons.


Main Application

Chemical industry, Metallurgy industry,Power industry,Building material industry,Biomass power generation industry,Military nuclear industry, Special fans for textile machinery ,boiler burner, paper making, drying.

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