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We have a professional pre-sales support service team to provide you with professional consulting services, and quickly provide you with the best solution according to your needs.

We have eight marketing service centers in China and a global sales and service network. Make sure to respond within 2 hours after receiving the customer service demand notice, and arrive at the customer site within 8 hours in Jiangsu province and 24 hours outside Jiangsu province. We adhere to the "intelligent service" with the aim of "more accurate and comprehensive", and provide you with 24-hour round-the-clock service in the process of project implementation, and provide customer on-site and the company training. We can customize the most suitable maintenance plan and system optimization solutions such as energy-saving renovation of wind system for you according to your needs, and provide you with full-life service.

We have a self-developed IoT (Internet of Things) cloud platform, which enables remote detection, early fault warning and consultation of equipment operation conditions to ensure the safe and stable operation of your equipment.

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