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Manufacturing Ability

The construction area of production workshop in DART-RICH headquarter factory is about 80,000 , and that in Hunan factory is about 13,000m². The company has been committed to the construction of intelligent manufacturing, and has introduced several sets of high-end intelligent manufacturing equipment from Germany, Denmark and other countries. There are more than 400 sets of advanced manufacturing equipment such as German Hammer five-axis machining center, CNC turning and milling compound center, impeller automatic welding robot, fan volute copying welding machine, gantry vision welding system, Danish automatic spinning machine, large laser cutting machine, CNC flame cutting machine, CNC metal cutting machine tools, CNC bending machine, edge milling machine, rolling/hydraulic press, etc., which fully meet the manufacturing requirements of all kinds of products such as fans, blowers, compressors, nuclear fans, etc., and ensure the full-cycle accurate processing and manufacturing from a steel plate to a complete product.

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