Development History

  • 2023


    Further vigorously promoted localization, such as propane dehydrogenation regeneration fans and dry quenching circulating fans.

    Developed and sold two-stage, three-stage, and four-stage compressors with gearbox.

  • 2023.11


    Established a product line for small fans, and managed the operation of three product lines: small fans, compressors, and fans.

  • 2023.09


    Main Drafter of the standard for 'Integral Geared Assembly Type Centrifugal Steam Compressor'.

  • 2023.07


    The first batch of Five-Star In Cloud Enterprise in Jiangsu.

  • 2022.11


    Awarded the title of "Jiangsu Province Specialized, Refined, Destinctive and Innovative Small and Medium Enterprises".

  • 2022.10


    China Quality Certification Center awarded 'Level 1 Energy Efficiency Product Certification'.

  • 2022.09


    Established the 'Petrochemical Fan Engineering Technology Center' in Dart-Rich.

  • 2022.09


    Provided the methanol compressor for a certain chemical enterprise which was successful on the first run. The steam compressor has covered four major application areas: wastewater treatment, production process section, pipeline pressurization (waste heat recovery), and heat pump distillation.

  • 2016


    The first batch of high temperature lift and low temperature lift steam compressors are delivered, thus covering the full range of fans, blowers and steam compressors.

  • 2013


    It provides primary and secondary fans for the world's first 600MW supercritical circulating fluidized bed power plant unit

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