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Steam Compressor (Low temperature rise)

The low temperature steam compressor is mainly composed of a compressor body (volute, impeller, main shaft, bearing housing, seal, etc.), coupling, motor, electric instrument, etc.
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Product Features

1.Impellers are forged and shaped using mould, and the materials are of duplex stainless steel, TC4 (special working condition), which is anti-corrosive and has a good wear resistance.

2.SKF rolling bearing and oil bath lubrication or sliding bearing and forced lubrication are adopted.

3.The carbon ring seal structure is used for the shaft end and is equipped with an inflation unit to ensure the sufficient isolation between the bearing housing and the compressor volute.

4.The compressor unit is of integral skid-mounted design, which is convenient for transportation and installation.

5.High degree of automation, easy handling, real-time monitoring on parameters of pressure and vibration; achieve variable working conditions of the compressor by frequency control or guide vane adjustment to ensure the high efficient running of the system, and the single stage efficiency can reach up to 87.5%.


Performance Range

The pneumatic technology of this product is fully equipped with foreign mature model series and design software, providing users with the fastest and best selection. The products are divided into 5 series, the applicable flow range is 5-450t/h, and the temperature rise is 4-11.2℃.


Main Application 

1. Energy conservation and environmental protection industry: Industrial sewage treatment, waste water recycling, landfill leachate treatment, Caprolactam wastewater treatment, papermaking black liquor treatment, etc.

2.Paper industry: Black liquor treatment, etc.

3.Food: Inspissation corn steep liquor, extracting glucose and amino acids, dehydration, inspissation and desiccation of sugar liquor.

4.Pharmacy: For evaporation, concentration, crystallization and desiccation in the technological process of manufacturing Chinese and western drugs, etc.

5.Chemical industry: Caprolactam process polymerization device, polylactic acid PLA device, nylon 66 production device, concentrated crystallization of organic matter, purification of spices, production of chemical raw materials, etc.

6.Metallurgy industry: Wastewater treatment by sintering desulfurization, coking wastewater treatment, etc.

7.Electric Power Industry: Treatment of desulfurized wastewater from power stations, etc.

8.Others: Treatment of wastewater from production of polymer fibers, desalination of seawater, etc.

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