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Magnetic Steam Compressor

The magnetic steam compressor is a kind of turbine equipment using magnetic bearing. Its main structure is that the impeller is directly mounted onto the motor shaft extension end, and the rotor is suspended vertically on the active magnetic bearing, without speed increasing box and coupling. It is directly driven by a high-speed motor.
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Product Features

1. With the high-efficient 3D flow semi-open impeller, the professional aerodynamic and structural design, the impeller profile is advanced and the blower has a wide range of stable operating condition.

2. With the adoption of a bladeless diffuser, it has a wide operation range.

3. With compact structure and small volume, its occupied area is only about 1/5 of the traditional single-stage high speed compressor with the same parameters.

4. Low noise, compared with the traditional single-stage high speed, the noise reduction of the maglev compressor can reach 40dB. 

5. The "grate plate seal + carbon ring + inflatable seal" type is adopted to completely solve the problem of steam leakage.

6. High efficiency and energy conversation, the efficiency of magnetic blower is 15%-35% higher than traditional single-stage high-speed compressor.


Performance Range

The product is suitable for a flow rate range of 1-10t/h and a temperature rise of 8-22℃..


Main Application

1、Energy conservation and environmental protection industry: Used in industrial wastewater concentration, water recycling and landfill leachate treatment, etc.

2、 Food fermentation industry: Used in concentration and extraction of amino acids, concentration and drying of sugar and concentration of beverage and jam.

3、Pharmacy industry: Evaporation, concentration, crystallization and drying in the production process of Chinese and western medicines.

4、Chemical industry: Used in concentration and crystallization of organic material, purification of spice and production of chemical materials.

5、 Metallurgy industry: Sintering desulfurization wastewater treatment, coking wastewater treatment, etc.

6、Other fields: Salt lake lithium extraction, seawater desalination, low temperature steam waste heat recovery, pipeline boosting, etc.

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