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Company Introduction

Nantong Dart-Rich Fan Co., LTD. (former as State-Owned Nantong Fan Factory) was founded in 1966, the company introduced German technology in 2004 and made significant technological breakthroughs in the aspects of product stability, reliability, high efficiency, low noise, wear resistance and temperature resistance, etc. at the same time, it had a number of technical exchanges and cooperation with many scientific research institutes and internationally renowned wind turbine manufacturing companies. The company won the "Outstanding Contribution Award of the Development of National Major Technical Equipment" issued by the State Council in 1991, the "First Prize of China Electric Power Science and Technology Progress" in 2015, and was selected in the book of "Looking for the Hidden Champion Made in China" (published by People's Publishing House) in October 2018. In 2018, DM1000 MVR steam compressor was recognized by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology as the first (set) major equipment product in Jiangsu Province, and in August 2020, it obtained the design and manufacturing license of military nuclear safety equipment, and was the chief author of the group standard of steam compressors. To meet the needs of the company's rapid development, Dart-Rich established Dart-Rich (Hunan) Fan Co., Ltd in December 2020. 

Dart-Rich is always  persevere in the management innovation, mechanism innovation, cultural innovation, and technological innovation, and continues to carry out the construction of digital intelligence, striver culture and "three wisdom".

It has a deep insight into the market, constantly promotes the organization fission, improves the comprehensive ability of customer service, and realizes the rapid and healthy development.

At present, Dart-Rich has the R&D and manufacturing abilities for large and high-end equipment, such as fans for large circulating fluidized bed units, large dust removal system for steel industry, main exhauster of sintering, energy recovery system, industrial silicon submerged arc furnace dust removal system, cement production line, ten million tons of refining and chemical integration devices, ethylene cracking furnaces, coal chemical gasification devices and blowers for military nuclear industry device; sulfur recovery system, gas transmission devices, alkali chemical vacuum pumping device, high pressure nitrogen circulation system blower of coal gasification unit; and waste water treatment, concentration crystallization process, waste heat recovery and pipeline pressurization, heat pump distillation device steam compressor (high temperature rise, low temperature rise, high speed direct drive), etc. 

Dart-Rich adheres to the core values of “honest and trustworthy; concentrated and professional; benefitting others”, and always adheres to the basic concept of "customer-centered, striver-oriented, long-term hard work and self-criticism". Continuously enhance enterprise value, continuously create maximum value for customers, and realize the sharing of all stakeholders, and commitment to become the leader of reliable green fluid machinery!

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